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My classes are hosted by Creative Workshops but you can read about them here and then use the links provided below for each class to get a preview of the class itself and to register.

See what people are saying about my online classes:

  • Have done this class [Collage in Color] and it was extremely inspiring!! Made 2 already and about to attempt a large canvas. Cathy you are awesome!!
    Michelle Maggs - avid student

  • I have taken at least seven of your classes, and I just want to say what a fantastic teacher you are! You take the time to slowly explain how to do a technique. I'm on a tight budget, and your classes are so reasonable. I've also had to contact you with sign in issues to your classes and I've always received a fast response from you personally, and I think that says a lot about your willingness to share your talent, and that you really want your students to succeed. Thank you for all you share with all of us want to be artists.
    Kathy Piatt-Mahurin - loyal and dedicated student

  • Hi Cathy. I am taking your watercolor series class right now and loving it! Your teaching style is very relaxed and down to earth and it's like having a artsy friend over for some coffee and play time. I've taken a few of your classes in the past and can't wait for the Collage-in-Color class to start. I've been dying to find out how you make those beautiful dress collages I've seen on your blog.
    Cory Marcsis- another wonderful student

  • Cathy, took your "It Takes a Village Class" and had a fabulous time. So much so, I made two 16x20 canvases...I couldn't stop!!

  • Cathy, I love, love, love It Takes A Village!!! It's one of my all time favorites. I play it over and over and never get tired of it. I'm so excited you are thinking of doing another one (with blocks of wood?) I love wood! And I am signed up for your blog and newsletter, thank you. Jennifer from Il. USA Please, please, please do one with houses on wood blocks! :-)
    Jennifer Hartsfield - dedicated student

  • Thank you so much for the bonus project [It takes a Village] Cathy. It was so much fun, and I learned so much from watching you and listening to you think out loud. I'm waiting for your next class. I'd like to see a class with whimsical birds. Thanks so much for this great class, and I really appreciate the bonus.

  • Hi Cathy...I want to congratulate you for your latest class. "Flora". I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I did it last night...and want to redo it again, and again...till I get it perfect!. Great class, once again.
    Gisele - fellow artist and friend

  • Hello Cathy!Thank You so much for your great workshop-Journaling from the Inside Out-Lots of great tips and prompts!I posted a few pictures today-Thanks again,

  • i H=a=eally enjoyed Cathy's workshop [Journaling]. Her quick and easy techniques were a great jumping off point for creating beautiful journaling pages I'm proud to share with others. The subject matter was personal and has given me incentive to add a few more pages to the project on things I would like to explore about myself. I've always been a journaler, however, this visual journal begs to be reviewed time and again and will help me to keep my goals in sight.
    Dianne Blake - wonderful journaler

Here are the currently available classes


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This class is close to my heart.  It's where I will show you how to create beautiful tea stained pages which we are then going to use to create this beautiful vintage journal.  I'll show you how to create and embellish the tea stained pages, a simple binding technique to get your pages in the journal, and then we will work on creating your beautiful burlap cover!

HERE to register and to see a preview



This is the second in my series of village workshops.  If you loved the first It Takes a Village Class (and many of you did) you will love this one as well.  Complete with a bonus project of houses with a bit of a different kind of style.

HERE to register and see a preview




Once I posted this layered dress collage piece on my blog everyone wanted to know how I made it.  In this class I'll show you how to make this beautiful layered dress skirt using only cardstock paper and gel medium.  The trick is in the placement but once you take this class, you'll know the tricks and will be able to make many, many of these collaged dresses.

 HERE  to register and see a preview



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Everyone is afraid of watercolor and I was too.  Until I realized there were very simple techniques for making this great medium work.  This is a 4 part watercolor workshop which covers watercolor houses, girls, flowers and objects.  You can choose to take 1,2,3 or all 4 parts of the series!

$28 each or register for all 4 Parts or individual parts

Click HERE to register and see a preview of each part



 I am really excited about this class since it brings something really new to the table.  In this class we are going to bring collage techniques to a new level to create a pieces of art that you will be proud to hang on your wall. This technique applies the idea of blending paper materials (like magazine clippings) with paint, to create a true collage work.  The real trick is in the blending and so if you have been trouble with your collages looking like disparate bits of paper, come and join me where I will share all of my tips and tricks in over 2 hours of video.  Plus I will also show you how to apply this technique to paper in a BONUS project.

HERE to register and see a preview


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My most popular class to date.  Fun little village houses that you will make over and over again - I promise!  We will create 3 different projects where we will make lovely villages from paper, glue and a little paint.  Join me for this fun filled class. 

Click HERE to register and to see a preview



For those of you who have not taken a class with me before you may not know that I LOVE collage.  I love collage anything.  In this class I combine my love of drawing faces, collaging hair and clothese and then painting everything.  Don't let the face drawing scare you - I will take you step by step through the process.  Not only that I also provide pdfs of the faces already drawn so if you really wanted to you could even just trace the face!  

HERE to register and see a preview




 This has been a wildly popular class where we create some crazy fun pieces.
In this class I'll show you how I combine collage, paint, doodle and other techniques. I'll share my ideas on how to use inspiration pieces as a jumping off points and show you the techniques step by step. We will create three different pieces that you can apply to your journal or to your canvas to create works of art. As always this will be fun, relaxing and inspiring and will allow you to build the confidence to create your own special pieces. 

$45.00 Click here to register and to see a preview



I love collage work and I love paper piecing as part of my collages. For this class you really need to get your girly-on. This is a fun, easy going class where you will learn how to create a piece which is part drawing and part collage. The comments on this class have been phenomenal! 

HERE to register and see a preview   




This class is all about creating the backgrounds for your journal pages. There is nothing harder than motivating yourself to journal when you are staring at a blank, white page. The problem is solved in this workshop where I will show you 10 different backgrounds that you can create to prepare your journal for journaling. We will use many different techniques and tools including drywall netting! Each section of this workshop provides you with a different background idea.

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We create 3 different pages together where I illustrate journaling techniques that you can use over and over again.  Each of the pages are quniquely different so you will walk away with a lot of inspiration. 

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We get a little more personal in this journaling class where we use creative prompts on your goals and dreams to create journal pages.  I was amazed at student's interpretation on these prompts and even more amazed at the work they created.

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This idea behind this class was to show how doodling was not just play but could actually be used to create beautiful pieces by incorporating other elements like paper and paint.  This to date, has been one of my most popular classes!

HERE to register and see a preview

Please enjoy and if you have not taken online classes before - believe me - there is nothing more fun than sitting in your pj's and making art.  Please email me if you have any questions regarding any of these classes at