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Did you know that each “Couture” Series notebook (52$) comes with a complimentary Mini Notebook. See the mini-notebooks below to get an idea of what your free gift will look like.

Hand Stitched Postcards-Set#2

Hand Stitched Postcards-Set#2


This set includes 3 hand stitched postcards.

The 4 x 6 cards have been watercolor washed, and them embellished with paper bits, washi tape, beads, ribbon or other materials to create these mini collage pieces. I usually add an inspirational word or two as well.

Note that these are meant to have a "handmade" look and so you will see stitching on the back and some loose threads (just because I love the look of this!) You can always snip off the threads if they are not to your taste.

Use these as note cards or gift tags, or as inspiration in your own journals. More simply, just prop them on your desk for daily viewing!

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