Art all the time



A little about me

Thank you for stopping by. I know It’s always good to be able to attach a face to the work - it’s a good way to get to know each other better.

I’m an artist, who only late in life realized it was okay to call myself an artist and so now I do. I live and work in Montreal, Canada - a city of 4 seasons from below freezing in winter to long summer days in summer.

My formal education is in commerce and my art education is 100% self taught and inspired by two very creative parents.

I have worked in most mediums, most passionate about color and whimsy as you will no doubt see in my work. I move from one obsession to another including watercolor, collage, mixed media and most recently book binding.

I have been published both on-line and in paper publications including Cloth Paper Scissors and many Somerset Publication including Art Journaling, Somerset Home, Somerset Life, and Somerset Studio to name a few.

I love the process of creating, often more than even the finished product. In everything I do I create, and that’s why for me, it really is Art all the time.