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Loving the process

Whenever I feel the creative itch, but don’t really want to commit to anything substantial I always have a go to plan.

I find a container I love, I go through my ‘stash” and I collect only those things in my stash that really inspire me. I don’t think it through too much, I just pick whatever I love at that moment and I put it in my container. In fairness, I usually do this after I have a new haul of paper, ribbon, fabric etc. that I have not yet used in any of my work.


Once the stash is complete, I begin and I always have the same go-to. I make 4 x 6 postcards.

For me, this is a simple, non-committal way of using everything I have on hand and seeing how I can make the disparate bits in my container, and only those bit into “something:. (if I start going to other “bits” the mess never ends!)

I love this process - it is freeing and fun, and it pushes my creative instinct to the max -and in then end, I am always so surprised, and elated at the final outcome. The bonus is that this simple act of creating small scale works usually leads to bigger scale ideas!


If I could tell you how excited I get when I find the exact “bit”from my container that finalizes that postcard and makes it pop you would probably laugh. But I do. I get that excited when it all comes all together with all the right bits.

And I do, without any shame, admit that I spend an over indulgent amount of time on each and every corner of these small 4 x 6 surfaces. But it is a process of joy.


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