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Whaaaa? A free notebook?

I recently did a major cleanup and re-org of my studio space (Ok it’s really just an extra bedroom in my house but I like to call it my studio).

I have to say - OMG it feels so good to get every space clear and clean.

This cleanup gave me the opportunity to look back through my last 6 months work. And I have to say I am still, and unabashedly ready to say, I love my hand made books and the colors, and the stitching and the beading and the love that went into each and every one of them.

But I digress ( ok I know - I am really enamored with them) because what I really wanted to tell you about was my little mini notebooks.


These were really created as an afterthought. Well that' doesn’t do them justice. They were created from remnants of all those books I was creating. I couldn’t bear to part with all the off-cuts, the bits, the pieces, that were edited out of my larger books. In fact, if I would have known how much I loved each of these mini notebooks I might have created just these (and spared myself all the work of the larger hand bound books -lol).


As I organized and re-organized, I found my stash of mini notebooks carefully packaged, all together to keep them clean and neat. But as I did this, I took the opportunity to take each of them out of their common packaging and admire them. Some with their elastic ties, some with their rigid linen thread, but all beaded or looped, in the most intricate of detail - even for a little mini book.

As I toyed with each of these I wondered: did you know that these are complimentary (free) when you order any notebook of 50$ or more.

If I were you, and I saw these notebooks/sketchbooks/journals, I would be pining for them.

Well each of these are free for you, when you order any of my handmade sketchbooks. You will not be disappointed. These sketchbooks are made by hand - they are made by an artist for artists, or for anyone who appreciates beauty. Every cover, stitch, binding is meant to inspire you. And these lovely mini notebooks match your large book - OMG - what a gift.

If you think I am being presumptuous, ostentatious or bold - here is what I need to tell you. I love a great journal. I need a journal that inspires me to write my dreams, my goals, or just doodle. Bye-bye black covered sketchbooks, I want to be inspired!

Have a look around. I’ll actually be listing more of my mini notebooks (I’ve been keeping them to myself) but why wait, you will get one free with any purchase of my sketchbooks/notebooks/journals of 50.00 or more.

Be inspired, and take advantage of this limited promotion.

Thank you - I am so touched, moved, by all of your support.