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New books and video now available


I’ve been trying out different ideas with my handmade books and different types of bindings. I’ve added books that house to-do-lists and the screwpost. You can find these in the shop here and here.

I also added two of the larger 6 x 9 books, both lined and unlined. One has a beautiful, embossed, indigo cover and the other is covered with a beautiful Italian paper. Finally if you haven’t seen the sweetest, little, mini notebooks have a look and be sure to get yourself one!

The reason I wanted to write this post is because a lot of people have asked me about the inside of the books and more generally how these books are meant to be used. For seasoned sketchers and journalers you already know how to use these and so please just move ahead to the video - lol.

For those of you new to handmade books however, have a look at the video I prepared which shows the inside of some of the books listed in my shop. You’ll see that some of the books are blank and some include lined pages. These can be used as diaries (the lined pages) or in the same way you would use any copy book. The blank page books can be used for drawing or even as photo albums, as guest list books at a party or special occasions. Think of these books as you do any copy book, list book, school book and use them in the same way. The fact that they are handmade (and beautiful) just means you are stepping it up a little ; ).

Now, enjoy the video below available on my youtube channel which you can subscribe to to see all updates.

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