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Hot, hot summer and 2 super deals for subscribers only!

Finally summer has arrived here in Montreal. We are reaching heights of 90 degrees and we are not complaining.

Summer in Montreal is a time when the city comes alive. We have jazzfests, and comedy fests and the streets are filled with tourists and music and life. I love the summer and I love my city.

Amidst all this heat and fun however I still need to run a business here ; ). And to that end I wanted to let you know about a couple of things to make your summer even better.

  • First up you should know that all of my online art classes are on sale for only 20.00 - this month only. click here to see the full line up of my classes.

Online class pics.jpg

You may not want to be inside watching videos on how to create great mixed media backgrounds, or collaging little village houses or creating lovely girls with paper BUT, did you know that you have unlimited access to these classes. This means that you can purchase them now, and watch them in the fall with your cozy blanket and laptop. Take advantage now, for only 20.00 and stock up. Oh and BTW, all of my classes have previews available on the site you purchase them from so you can look at those prior to making your choice of classes. Also you can have a look at my youtube channel to see the style of my work and see what interests you.

  • Second up, for my subscribers I am now offering 10% off items in my shop. This is only for subscribers as my way of thanking you for your continued support. Use code: THANKYOUSUBSCRIBERS to apply the discount. What would I do without you guys!

Photos of all books.jpg

So - enjoy your summer and take advantage now of these 2 great specials - just for you!


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